A Rota da Agua

The 6th of October was a remarkable day for hotspot tours, it was the day of the first tour! At 8:30 a.m. the four adventurous that decided to embrace this unforgettable experience were ready for this challenge carrying their backpacks and photo camera. In the morning they did the predefined walk with Lance ( a league of friends and  naturals from Couto Esteves) and right there and then you see their happy smiles. The walk through places they never thought they would see, the discovery of water mines in the most hidden places, the eating of grapes, figs and chess nuts during the walk made the day extra special.

Even though everyone was tired after the 3 hour walk they were excited and ready for the long awaited typical meal! And what a meal it was! A lovely veal made in woodstove and the rice, also made in the oven both well covered with a delicious wine! But the best was jet to come: a typical drink known as aguardente directly from the cuba drinking it this way even makes it taste better

After a meal like this a nap would be great but not this day because the Serra da Freita awaits us! And so there we visited a bit of Arouca's geopark. That afternoon we concentrated ourselves on two well-known geosites the Pedras Parideiras  and its interpretive center and the viewpoint of the Frecha da Mizarela. After a day full of new discoveries we went back home happy and wanting to repeat this experience!!!

06 de Outubro de 2012
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